Sunday, November 5, 2017

Web Application Development

    Two things require for a web app development. That is front-end and back-end development.

Front-end development
    The Front end of a web application is a process get and display information and interact with user. Its main focus is how to design well, so that the page looks good and which helps to interact with user.

    The front-end uses markup language to display information.

Markup Language
    Markup language that display text and formatting it in some order so the user can read it easily. It does not do any logic or calculation here only displaying text. Markup language have tags like keywords which can be used for formatting and we can also use any-word to form a tag and give definition for formatting. Tag always start with less-than symbol and grater-than symbol. eg: <html>,<xml>, <table>,<user>, etc...

The three mainly using markup language are HTML,XML and XHTML.

When we develop a web application, we mainly uses HTML, CSS and JS for front-end

    HTML (Hyper-text Markup Language) is a markup language which is mainly used to display text to the user. The structure of the page is defined here.  eg:<p> paragraph, <table> table, etc..

    As we see HTML only display information, that information should be formatted.
CSS (Cascading Style Sheet) that format the text, so the presentation of the information easily differentiate to the user and by which we can format to all type devices like mobile, ipad, laptop etc...

    By HTML and CSS we can display and format the text, it's just like printed pages on the book. But we using web application mainly for dynamic purposes like user need to enter input and it should process it and display answer to that. JS (Java Script) a client side scripting language which run on browser. Main use of java-script is to calculate something and some string operations like concatenations, etc... It the will be use when the operations need to run in browser and need not store  the information for future use.

When we need to store the information we move to back-end programming language.

Back-End Development
    The Back end of a web application is to process the data/information into some logic and/or store it in a database and give to the user when it requires. Here, we care about how the app works, like calculations, logic, performance etc...

In Back-End we need to consider the server, programming language and Database

    The server is the computer where the programs run. Here we need to choose the operating system, RAM, ROM, etc... for the programs to run efficiently.

Eg: Windows, Linux operation system, 32 GB Memory, 2TB Storage

Programming Language
    Server side Programming language is used to do calculation, business logic like SignUp, login, etc.... and connect to the database to store the information. There are many server side programming languages are there like PHP, Python, .Net, Java

    The database is where the information/data stores. We use SQL to access the database. There are many SQL Database like MySql, Oracle PostgreSql.